Welcome to Boarding

The Resident Life Program is an essential part of the larger MVCS community.  We seek to strengthen and refine this sub-community to enrich the larger community.

The MVCS Resident Life Staff are a professional group committed to a collaborative approach aimed at developing and reflecting upon ideals and goals that guide the creation of a safe, compassionate and educational living and learning environment for our students. 

We commit ourselves to creating a program that nurtures students to embrace a healthy lifestyle and habits; an understanding of the importance of being a member of a community while maintaining independence; and to develop life skills to communicate and thrive with members of diverse cultures.

Darren Bartholomew
Director, Arganbright Hall (Boys' Dorm)

Michelle Anderson
Director, Stotts-Hellman Hall (Girls' Dorm)

Boys' Resident Life Staff       Boys' Dorm Office:  Ph (831) 768-6193   Fax (831) 722-2678
f James Choi
Kenneth Hood
Harrison Howard
Dustin Mones

Asa Spencer

Girls' Resident Life Staff
      Girls' Dorm Office:  Ph (831) 768-6192   fax (831) 722-7832
Melissa Bernardi
Colette Crawford
Kaitlin Krebs
Kylie Mones