Welcome to Boarding

The Monte Vista Christian School residential life program is committed to creating a Christ centered and warm environment where each student can reach their full potential.

Our program supports each student as they develop and acquire personal gifts while also providing the structure that leads to strong academics. Dorm parents share in the joy of our residents when they succeed and work to help students learn when they make mistakes. 

sidential life experience teaches the value of community, cultural differences, and respect, while also focusing on individual growth and development in Christ.  

Leadership Team
Peter C. Gieseke
Director, Resident Admission & Resident Life

Darren Bartholomew
Director, Arganbright Hall (Boys' Dorm)

Boys' Dorm Office:  Ph (831) 768-6193   Fax (831) 722-2678

Michelle Anderson
Director, Stotts-Hellman Hall (Girls' Dorm)
Girls' Dorm Office:  Ph (831) 768-6192   fax (831) 722-7832

Dorm Parents
Melissa Bernardi
James Choi
Colette Crawford
Mirte Guzman
Kenneth Hood
Harrison Howard
Liliana McCoy
Asa Spencer

Dorm Faculty
Kaitlin Krebs
Dustin Mones
Kylie Mones