Tuition & Fees

We checked out other schools in the area, and we found that MVC offers the highest quality and value for our child.

- MVC Parent

Middle School Tuition

2018-2019 Middle School Day Students

Enrollment Fee


Grade 6-8 Tuition


Sibling discount available

High School Day Tuition

2018-2019 High School Day Students

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Grades 9-12 Tuition


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Day Student Tuition Protection Plan

The cost of a quality private school education is substantial. At Monte Vista Christian we recognize that sometimes in life, circumstances arise that might require a student to withdraw during the school year. Because tuition is nonrefundable, it may be in the best interest of parents/guardians to participate in our Tuition Protection Plan.

The purpose of the Tuition Protection Plan is to allow a partial refund/waiver of tuition owed under the annual tuition contract in the event of a Day Student’s withdrawal during the school year. This Plan provides a means to recover a percentage of the fees paid or to waive a percentage of fees owed for tuition if a student withdraws after the first 10 days of classes.

For example, if a student withdraws voluntarily on December 31 and is enrolled in theTuition Protection Plan, the Plan would cover 60% of the fees associated with the period following withdrawal (in this example, January 1 to the close of the school year). Any remaining percentage of tuition installments yet to be paid (in this example 40%) is due in full at the time of withdrawal.

Tuition will be refunded or waived for the period following withdrawal for the reasons and at the amounts listed below:

• Withdrawal for Medical Reasons: 100% of tuition for period following withdrawal

• Withdrawal for Non-Medical Reasons: 60% of tuition for period following withdrawal

• Dismissal from School: 50% of tuition for period following dismissal

Withdrawal for Medical Reasons: Includes disability or mental disorder certified by a licensed doctor that prevents enrollment in a school environment for the remainder of the current school year. If requesting a medical withdrawal, the reason must be stated from the beginning of the withdrawal process and substantiated by a medical professional.

Withdrawal for Non-Medical Reasons: Voluntary withdrawal.

Dismissal: Students dismissed from the school for academic or disciplinary reasons.

Election to participate in the Tuition Protection Plan can only be made during the re-enrollment period for Day Students. Families who choose not to participate in this Plan and whose student(s) withdraw or are dismissed during the school year will be responsible for the complete balance of annual tuition.

High School Boarding Tuition

2018-2019 Boarding Students Grades 9-12


(includes $6,000 deposit)

Transitional English Fee


Sibling discount available

Boarding tuition at Monte Vista Christian includes room and board, writing center, academic advising, college application assistance, weekend trips and activities, vacation airport shuttle, transportation to SAT/ACT/TOEFL exams (selected sites/test dates only), yearbook, athletic team participation fees, and all class fees, excluding horsemanship, IMPACT week, and special classroom activities or field trips. During non-meal times, items from the cafe will need to be purchased.

International boarding students (those with an I-20) are also provided with medical insurance. Boarding students that have a US passport or a green card must provide proof of their own medical insurance.

Additional Expenses

MVC provides a variety of additional services, some of which have associated fees. Including but not limited to:

Bus Transportation: Transportation fees are charged monthly through FACTS Tuition Management, September through May. Those not wishing to enroll in FACTS must pay bus fees in full at the beginning of the year. For more information on available Bus Transportation, please click click here.

Elective Class Fees: Tuition at Monte Vista Christian School includes most class fees. Equestrian classes, some elective classes, and some IMPACT classes have additional fees. On occasion, students may need to pay for incidental fees related to specific classes, such as field trips, class activities, and/or transportation and lodging on overnight trips.

Athletic Team Fees: Students who participate in athletics at MVCS may need to purchase items such as team attire, and in some cases, pay for transportation and/or lodging on overnight team trips. For team participation fees and requirements, please click here.

PE Clothing: PE clothing is required for all Physical Education classes and can be purchased online. Prices and a link will be provided during the summer.

eTextBooks: Each student is required to purchase a bundled set of textbooks/eBooks. More information on the textbook policy at MVC for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available at a later date.