#We Are MVC Stories

Tropos Technologies Gift Enhances Monte Vista Christian School

On Thursday, October 4, Headmaster Mitch Salerno and other school leaders accepted the generous gift of a Cenntro METRO compact electric utility vehicle from current Monte Vista Christian parents John and Denise Bautista and their company, Tropos Technologies, Inc.

Among those present for the delivery of the vehicle was the Bautista's son, John IV, who is currently a freshman at MVC and was a member of the assembly team who worked on the vehicle over the summer at Tropos Technologies.

The all-electric vehicle is a highly flexible modular CUV ideally suited for local delivery, maintenance crew transportation, parking enforcement, and people transport on campuses or in communities. MVC plans to utilize this cutting edge resource for the benefit of the custodial services serving its 100-acre campus.

MVC Headmaster Mitch Salerno shared, "Our school is so grateful to Tropos Technologies and the Bautista family for this generous gift. Our METRO was put directly to use within hours of delivery and is already increasing efficiency for our employees. Support like this from our current families creates a 'margin of excellence' for our students that otherwise would not be possible. We could not do what we do without partners like the Bautistas and Tropos Technologies, Inc."

When asked about the gift and the motivation behind it, donor John Bautista reflected, “Our family is truly honored to be able to support our extended family at Monte Vista Christian. In our experience, we have found that the quality of our children's education is directly connected to the support we give as parents to the staff and institution through participation on all levels.”