About Us

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Monterey Bay area of California, the spacious and picturesque campus nestles in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The campus occupies almost 100 acres of rolling lawns, ponds, playing fields, equestrian facilities and over 25 buildings. The campus provides the student with plenty of room to breathe and offers a variety of physical activities that take education beyond the classroom, making it a stimulating, enjoyable part of everyday living.


The ARC (Academic Research Center) provides the atmosphere for discovery and learning with fully-equipped chemistry and biology laboratories. The administration/classroom buildings contain classrooms, offices, and associated support facilities. The gymnasium complex of two gymnasiums, large weight/exercise facility, pool, and spa are used for interscholastic athletics and physical education. Many other buildings provide the setting for the educational endeavors of Monte Vista Christian School.

Meals are served in the attractively decorated Cafe. Other specialized buildings include a middle school complex, an art laboratory, a tack room and horse barns adjacent to the Western and English horse arenas, a music building, and two residence halls for the boarding students.

The campus has a safe country atmosphere which encourages contemplation, study and proper physical development away from the congestion and distractions of urban life.