We are serious about our mission to "empower learners to to achieve their highest potential through Christ-centered educational excellence by courageously engaging in God’s redemptive work throughout our world."

Learning at MVC is much more than memorizing content. It is more than getting a grade. We stir and nurture the hearts and minds of each student with meaningful and life-giving learning experiences.

At MVC, we believe God has wired us to be curious learners. But learning is so much more than just the acquisition of knowledge. It’s nurturing our God-given curiosity and developing critical thinking skills. It’s the ability to apply knowledge to solve real problems and to turn knowledge into wisdom. It’s honing the ability to discern truth from error.

Through a diverse array of rigorous, college preparatory courses (including honors and AP courses), our dedicated faculty foster dynamic learning environments within small classes. Learners are prepared to meet the entrance requirements of the University of California. Our graduates apply to and are accepted by the most selective colleges and universities. Perhaps most importantly, they are prepared to learn, love, and lead well.