We are serious about our mission to "empower learners to achieve their highest potential through Christ-centered educational excellence." Learning at MVC is much more than memorizing content. It is more than getting a grade. We stir and nurture the hearts and minds of each student with meaningful and life-giving learning experiences.

We Empower Learners as they increasingly own their learning. Our talented faculty facilitates deep, meaningful and active learning experiences in order to empower students with life-long learning skills. We love giving our students voice and choice, real audiences for their work, and real problems to solve.

To Achieve Their Highest Potential, we come alongside individual students to offer them support, even as we have high expectations for their growth as learners and people. They increasingly realize their potential as they contribute positively in a community of care around shared values/expectations.

Through Christ-Centered learning, our students are invited to love their neighbors as themselves and to see and change their world through the lens of Scripture. They are invited to participate in the story of redemption and respond personally to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Educational Excellence is about much more than our college prep curriculum with all the AP and Honors courses one would expect. Our students pursue excellence as they learn to communicate (in writing, speech, and visuals), iterate, collaborate, think critically, create solutions, and apply ideas that matter.