Academic Support

The Academic Assistance Program (AAP) provides students with academic support to assist them in reaching their highest potential within the rigorous academic environment at Monte Vista Christian School.
About AAP
The extra tutoring, support and encouragement offered through our AAP is designed to give students additional tools to achieve their highest potential in school and beyond. The Academic Assistance Program is not a special education program.

Program Admission
Some students will be required to enroll in AAP due to the expectations clarified during the admissions process. Students demonstrating the need for additional support based on academic performance, teacher recommendation, or professional educational assessment may be recommended for any or all components of AAP.

Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE)
Students can receive extra instructional support during an Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) class period. Through one-on-one and small group tutoring, they will work with an instructor to improve their skills and understanding of content from their classes. There is an additional fee for ACE.

Academic Support
Monte Vista Christian School can provide some academic support to students needing extra assistance in the classroom environment. Please contact your student's Guidance Counselor for additional information.
Please contact your Guidance Counselor for additional information.