We're about Developing Future-Ready Students in the Classroom & Beyond.
At Monte Vista Christian School, our high school program is designed to accomplish both goals, providing a fun and memorable four years and guiding students as they consider college plans, future goals, and most importantly, God’s calling in their lives.




From the start, the Boarding Program has been an integral part of the Monte Vista Christian community and culture. Learn more about our Boarding Program and access helpful information for your journey in becoming a Monte Vista Christian Mustang.

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Whether your passion is academics, athletics, fine arts, or equestrian, we have it. We want to invite you into a community that seeks to empower you to reach your highest potential and grow your passion into skill.

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2023 High School Profile

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Tuition & Financial assistance 


Academic Tracks  

At Monte Vista Christian, high schoolers tailor their education to their personal goals. We offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, as well as a Distinguished Diploma Program and a College-Prep Diploma Program. Students can take a variety of honors courses, and even get a jump start on college credits through Dual Enrollment. Our dedicated guidance counselors work with each student individually to assist with course selection and future planning.

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Exceptional Teachers 

Our educators share a desire to honor God in their work and invest in their students' lives. MVC high schoolers are truly known by their teachers, a relationship that is foundational to learning and reflects the love of God. We offer small class sizes where students are not only able to receive individual attention academically, but also mentorship to ensure they are doing well emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

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Electives  & Clubs

We offer a wide variety of electives, allowing students to explore new interests, hone their skills, and build friendships based on shared hobbies. Favorites include 3D Printing & Design Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Robotics, Dance, Sports Performance, Speech & Debate, Yearbook, Entrepreneurship, Film Critique, and Bible Leadership. We also offer a wide variety of interest-based clubs including Creative Writing, Surfing, Photography, and Compassion in Action.

Course offerings


Athletics & Arts

With 15 different high school and 7 different middle school sport offerings, there is no shortage of opportunity for students to develop teamwork skills, sportsmanship, and Christ-like character. Over 65% of our students are part of an athletic team, and MVC has had over 50 student-athletes compete at the collegiate level in the past ten years, from D1 through NAIA.  Artistic opportunities also abound at MVC — theatre, visual arts, instrumental and vocal music empower students to pursue their God-given talents and cultivate lifelong passions.

Mustang Athletics  Fine Arts


Safety & Security 

Your teen’s environment matters, and safety is of utmost importance at Monte Vista Christian School. Our gated campus is located on a secure, 105-acre property on California's beautiful central coast. We are home to day learners from four different counties covering a 30-40 mile radius. Our transportation service provides for at least 50% of those traveling to/from campus each day. Boarding students enjoy a sense of community in an environment that feels like home. We’ve invested in the technology and personnel (security officers, licensed mental health therapist, Care Team, and more) to ensure all students are not only physically safe, but socially and emotionally safe as well.

Developing character and confidence 

We guide our students intentionally as they strengthen their character and values, and develop the self-confidence needed to take the next step.

1. Creating safe spaces to fail. We help students recognize that making mistakes is part of the learning process and provide formal opportunities for iteration throughout the semester.

2. Encouraging authentic relationships. This is accomplished through small class sizes, weekly advisory time, small group chapels, and community-building activities that allow teachers to be intentional in building relationships.

3. Fostering wise choices. We offer positive incentives and opportunities that recognize students for their development as learners, for attributes of a learner, in Christian character, and in their reflection of our school values.