High School

While I am confident that MVC is preparing my child for college, I think it is far more important that the school is preparing and empowering my child for life --
and that the view of life is eternal.

- MVC Parent

Students who complete the basic high school curriculum will be prepared to meet the entrance requirements of the University of California. A full range of advanced courses and co-curricular choices prepares students for the most selective colleges and universities. A variety of elective courses are available to enhance the students' educational experience.

Minimum Graduation Requirements


4 years: English I-IV


Languages other than English: 2 years of the same language (three recommended)


3 years (4 recommended): Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra II


2 years (Bio and Chem)

Beginning with class of 2021: 3 years (Bio, Chem and one additional year)

Social Sciences

3 years: World History, Amer Gov/Econ and US History


2 years: Biblical Narrative I & II

Health & Exercise Science

1 year PE

1 year Health and Wellness


1 year

The full 2018-19 Course List can be found here.
The 2018-19 Course Catalog can be found here.

High School Schedules & Documents

HS Bulletin

HS Bulletin

Check here weekly for HS announcements.


Finals Week

May 21 - 24

First exam starts at 8:10 each morning - NO FLEX!

View Schedule with Exam Locations

Specific room locations will be posted each morning in all main areas of school.

Students that ride the bus but don't have an exam for a course should report to the ARC (for silent study) or the HS Gym during that course's final exam time.

Summer School

June 4 - 29

You will receive an email directly from your teacher with more details.

Upcoming Events

May 20 - Vocal Tech Recital

May 21 - 24 - Finals Week

May 24 - Last day of school

May 24 - Baccalaureate

May 25 - Graduation

Class Info

Seniors: Please stop by the table outside the cafe on Monday at break to sign up for your Graduation seats. Friends cannot sign up for you, you must come in person. You can also stop by Price Hall anytime to sign up with Mrs. Swing or Mrs. Gillig starting Friday, May 18 at 1:45 PM.

Juniors: Class of 2019 Senior parking spots will continue to be sold thorough May 24 during break. Complete and return the contract including a sketch of the proposed parking spot design for approval. Only 21 spots left!

Juniors: College Kick-Start Workshop - Student Services will host a College Kick-Start Workshop from Monday, June 4 through Thursday, June 7 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm for the rising Senior Class of 2019. We will introduce a broad range of topics pertaining to senior year and college application process. We will help create a college list, explore the qualities and characteristics of different schools, brainstorm ideas for college essays and short answers, and even start a few applications! Register by Friday, May 25. Cost for this workshop is $25. Please direct questions to Jessica Sokol. Register NOW… spots are limited.

Juniors: Schedule Your Senior Portraits Now! MVC partners with Annie K. Rowland Photography to offer senior portrait services. The first step is to download the custom app (A.K.Rowland) and learn about nine different options for on-location sessions as well as custom locations available. NEW THIS YEAR - Those families desiring solely a picture for inclusion in the MVC 2019 yearbook may opt for a free yearbook-only option that will take place on the MVC campus in August. Book your on-location session NOW to ensure you get the location and date/time of your choosing (especially beach sessions, which are limited due to tides). The deadline to book is June 2018. You can email Annie K. Rowland or call her at 831-466-0663.

Extra Info

School-Issued iPad Return

If you have a school-issued iPad, please read here for information on returning it.

Summer SAT Prep Course
Mr. Hallock is offering a summer session of the Conquer the Test SAT Masterclass! Sign up now to be prepared for the August SAT. Classes will be held July 17, 19, 24, and 26. Click here for student testimonial videos, an intro video from Mr. Hallock, and pricing/logistical details.

College Engineering Course at Cabrillo College
Students are invited to enroll in the ENGR 5 Engineering as a Profession course at Cabrillo College this Summer 2018 session. Students should register through Cabrillo's registration process to ensure that they get a spot in the class. Tuition fees are waived for high school students. This course runs from Monday, July 16 through Thursday, July 26 from 9:30 am - 1:45 pm.

Homework App

Check out this video that highlights an app created by MVC student David Chen!

Athletic Events for the week of May 14

Lunch Menu
The MVCS Vista Newspaper

High School Bell Schedule

Flex Schedule

The normal bus schedule applies each day.

Normal school hours remain: 8:10-3:20 (Mon, ­ Thurs) and 8:10-1:45 (Fri).

9th GRADE: Attendance is taken 8:10 (Mon, Wed, ­ Fri) and 8:45 (Tues).

10-­12th GRADE: Attendance is taken at 8:10 on (Mon) and 8:45 (Tues, ­ Fri).


  • 1st period begins at 8:10. Flex is midday and has a variety of uses (goal­ setting, study time, periodic assemblies, academic help, announcements, prayer, etc.).
  • The Flex teacher helps students create goals and also checks in with students as they identify their own learning needs and create intervention plans (as needed).


  • Students use Flex for independent/collaborative learning (in supervised/designated areas) or even breakfast while teachers pursue professional development.
  • Families may enjoy late arrival as long as students are in 1st period by 8:45.


  • Students arrive for Flex at 8:10 (optional).
  • If 10-­12 students neither have appointments nor require extra help,they may enjoy late arrival to school as long as they are in 1st period by 8:45. If on campus before 8:45, they may choose to:
    • work independently/collaboratively in designated areas.
    • enjoy breakfast and/or socializing with friends in designated areas.
  • Teachers may require 10-­12th grade students to attend Flex(for a contracted time or until a goal is met) if student ­created intervention plans are not working.
  • All students (9-­12) can meet with teachers for:
    • tutoring, re­teaching, or one on one conferences (by appointment)
    • AP/Honors study sessions (by AP/Honors teacher arrangement) *To help 9th grade students successfully acclimate to High School, their Flex teachers offer extra structure, accountability, and support. In Flex, teachers and students build small communities of trust, help and care (academic, social, and spiritual). In second semester, 9th grade students may earn more freedom (and attend Flex less frequently) as they demonstrate increasing responsibility, maturity, and success.

2017-2018 Parent Student Handbook

Please review and be familiar with the MVC Parent Student Handbook.

Class of 2018 Senior Year Information

Student Parking Registration