Meet Our Faculty

The MVC faculty is exceptional, not just because they know the content and deliver engaging learning experiences, but because they deeply care for my children. Long after the content knowledge fades, I know my children will remember their teachers as role-models -- as inspiring adults of excellent character, wisdom, and kindness.

Jumping "all in" to the 2021-2022 school year!

Middle School Faculty

Deepak Bardhan


Leslie Barreras
Spanish B
Meet Mrs. Barreras

Brandon Bliss
Physical Education
Meet Mr. Bliss

Mariko Bliss
Individuals & Societies/Lang & Lit
Meet Mrs. Bliss

Dr. Tony Dehner
Meet Dr. Dehner

Dawn Hoy
Earth Science/Yearbook
Meet Mrs. Hoy

Jen Polwrek
Life Science/Genius Hour
Meet Mrs. Polwrek

Brian Lan
Algebra II Honors
Meet Mr. Lan

Jacob Lee
Physical Science
Meet Mr. Lee

Kristen McCormack
Individuals & Societies
Meet Ms. McCormack

Ylva Mojica
Spanish A/Spanish Survey
Meet Mrs. Mojica

Alyssa Munchinsky
Language & Literature
Meet Mrs. Munchinsky

Emily Murray
Math I & II
Meet Mrs. Murray

Lidia Ortiz
Spanish II & III
Meet Ms. Ortiz

Tim Peters
Bible/Language & Literature
Meet Mr. Peters

Kim Rader
Meet Mrs. Rader

Angelic Rodriguez-Navarro
Dance/Discovering Art
Meet Ms. Rodriguez-Navarro

Michelle Sallee
Meet Ms. Sallee

Joslynn Stakes
Meet Ms. Stakes

Rodney Stanton
Bible/Individuals & Societies
Meet Mr. Stanton

Bill Ton
Mustang Band/Guitar
Meet Mr. Ton

JB Williams
Algebra I/Math 3
Meet Mr. Williams

High School Faculty

Deepak Bardhan
Graphic Design/Photography


Leslie Barreras
Spanish Ab Initio
Meet Mrs. Barreras

Lorraine Bursese
Language & Literature SL/English IV
Meet Mrs. Bursese

Adam Chan
Physics SL/AP Physics C/3D Printing
Meet Mr. Chan

Dr. Byong Hoon Chang
Meet Dr. Chang

Jude Clymer (18)
AP Calculus AB/AP Statistics
Meet Mr. Clymer

Dr. Tony Dehner
Chamber/Chorale/Music SL/HL
Meet Dr. Dehner

Chris Dibble
US/World History Honors
Meet Mr. Dibble

Daryl Fleming
English I/English I Honors
Meet Mrs. Fleming

Nate Gentilin
AP English Lit & Comp/Literature HL
Meet Mr. Gentilin

Ryan Gindl
Meet Mr. Gindl

Laramie Holtzclaw (96)
Language & Literature SL/HL
Meet Mr. Holtzclaw

Dawn Hoy
Meet Mrs. Hoy

Jaime Huerta
AP Spanish/Spanish IV/Spanish SL
Meet Mr. Huerta

Seth Johnson
Art I/Photography/Gallery
Meet Mr. Johnson

Nathan Pak
Algebra II/AP Calculus BC
Meet Mr. Pak

Adolph "Coach A.J." Joseph
Sports Performance I & II
Meet Coach A.J.

Devin Kleffer
Podcasting & Storytelling
Meet Mr. Kleffer

Brian Lan
Algebra II Hon/Robotics/Mechatronics
Meet Mr. Lan

Michael Lanham


Stacie Lawhorne
ACE/ASB Leadership
Meet Mrs. Lawhorne

Jacob Lee
Biology Honors
Meet Mr. Lee

Donell Lindner
AP European History/History SL/HL
Meet Ms. Lindner

Ana Lopez
Spanish I & II
Meet Ms. Lopez

Dr. Harleigh Marsh
Analysis & Approaches HL
Meet Dr. Marsh

Kristen McCormack
World History
Meet Ms. McCormack

Fred McCuistion
AP Biology
Meet Mr. McCuistion

Kris McIntyre
Health & Wellness/PE
Meet Ms. McIntyre

Jefferson Munchinsky
Applications & Interpretations SL/HL
Meet Mr. Munchinsky

Angelic Rodriguez-Navarro 
Dance Fundamentals
Meet Ms. Navarro

Andrea Ortega
AP Psychology/Psychology HL
Meet Mrs. Ortega

Morgan Perez
Theatre SL/HL
Meet Mrs. Perez

Joe Polwrek
Econ of Entrep/Global Politics SL/HL
Meet Mr. Polwrek

Joel Rueda
Anatomy/Health Science SL/HL
Meet Mr. Rueda

Michelle Sallee
Ceramics I & II
Meet Ms. Sallee

Darlene Sparks
Art I-III/Visual Art SL/HL/AP Studio
Meet Mrs. Sparks

Jeremiah Spears
Biblical Narrative I
Meet Mr. Spears

Joslynn Stakes
Biblical Narrative II
Meet Ms. Stakes

Rachel Stecker
Biblical Narrative


Sean Stiles
Digital Video Production
Meet Mr. Stiles

Nathan Talley
Bible Leadership/CAS
Meet Mr. Talley

Bill Ton
Mustang Band I/Guitar I/Adv Guitar
Meet Mr. Ton

Amber West
English II Honors
Meet Mrs. West

JB Williams
Algebra I
Meet Mr. Williams

Kayley Wilson (14)
English I & II
Meet Ms. Wilson

Lidia Ortiz
Spanish II & III
Meet Ms. Ortiz