Boarding Tuition

A high school boarding program can further cultivate your child’s independence and confidence, providing an unparalleled opportunity to build community in a home away from home while learning, growing, and preparing for college.

MVC also offers 5-day/week boarding for students from nearby areas across the bay area, such as San Jose, San Francisco, and Morgan Hill. 5-day boarders benefit from the vibrant boarding life during the week and can participate in their family home life on the weekends. This allows for extra hours in the day to spend on academics and extracurriculars rather than commuting. The 5-day boarding option is available to any student not requiring an I-20 visa. This option is not currently available to international students.

Grade Level 2023-24 Tuition
High School Boarding (grades 9-12), 7 days/week $58,500
High School Boarding (grades 9-12), 5 days/week $43,875


Included in Boarding Tuition 

  • Textbooks 
  • Room & board
  • Academic advising/guidance 
  • Athletic participation fees
  • College application assistance
  • Cafe Meals
  • Care Team Support
  • Mental Health Resources/Support
  • On-site nurse (including GoHealth access)
  • 24/7 medical care
  • Weekend trips and activities
  • Vacation airport shuttle
  • Transportation to SAT/ACT/ TOEFL exams (selected sites only) 
  • Yearbook
  • Class fees
  • International boarding students (with an I-20) are provided with medical insurance
Grade Level Enrollment Deposit
High School Boarding (9-12) $8,000 (non-refundable)


Not Included in Boarding Tuition 

  • PE Clothing
  • Certain trips
  • Specialized athletic clothing & personalized uniforms
  • Fine Arts Fees
  • HS Dual Enrollment
  • Supplies:  iPad, recommended iPad apps, notebooks, pens/pencils, calculator, etc.