Boarding Life

The Boarding Program is about creating a safe and caring environment, in which our students can reach their academic, social, and spiritual potential.

- MVC Administrator

Meet the MVC Boarding Staff

Frank Lopez
Director of Boarding

EDUCATION: Grand Canyon University, BS in Counseling and Psychology
FAMILY: My parents live in Greenfield where I grew up, and I also have three younger brothers. I love being close in proximity and relationship with my family. We always look for a reason to get together.  I also have a dog named Buccs, who is 3 years old and full of energy. 
FUN: I enjoy being active. I try to start most days with a 5 a.m. workout which helps keep me happy. I also am a huge coffee nerd and have every coffee brewing appearance known to man. Having downtime to go on a hike or watch football is fun for me.
I empower learners to achieve their highest potential by: Giving them opportunities to lead. In those opportunities, there will come success that we will celebrate and failure that will lead to growth on how to approach the situation next time. 


Isha Paul Ton
Assistant Director of Boarding

EDUCATION: B.A. in Office Management, M.A. in Business Management
FAMILY: Wife of Mr. Ton, mother of the very sweet and joyful one-year-old Levi Ton
FUN: Road tripping with family, enjoying time outdoors (especially in Yosemite), gardening, cooking, walks on the beach, learning about other cultures, new languages, and being with people!
I empower learners to achieve their highest potential by: 
Caring about our students' hearts, listening to them, building a Christ-centered culture together, helping to organize unforgettable experiences for our boarding students and building an incredible community on campus to make our students feel at home. 


Amy De Los Santos
Assistant Director of Boarding

EDUCATION: B.S. in Communications, B.A. in Bible
FAMILY: Wife to Jordan and mother to Virginia Bailey
FUN: Playing soccer, going to the movies, traveling, and playing board games.
I empower learners to achieve their highest potential by:
Creating a welcoming, safe, and fun place for students to grow, learn, and mature.



Austin Jarvis
Boarding Staff

EDUCATION: B.A. in Digital Media, A.A. in Music Recording, A.A. in Sociology, A.A. in Liberal Arts
FAMILY: Two older sisters and a brother. My father, Don Jarvis, was interim fire chief for Aptos-La Selva Fire Station last year. 
FUN: Surfing, jamming with bands, video games.
I empower learners to achieve their highest potential by:
Believing in them and seeing the best in them.


Shelby McDonald
Boarding Staff

EDUCATION: B.A. in Psychology
FAMILY: I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers.
FUN: Traveling, painting, going to the beach, playing card games, shopping, camping, spending time with family and friends.
I empower learners to achieve their highest potential by:
Creating a safe, fun, and inclusive space for all to grow, and by pointing all to Jesus and who He says we are.


Angelica Valencia
Boarding Staff

EDUCATION: A.A. History, A.A Sociology, A.A. Liberal Arts, (In Progress) B.A Social Behavioral Science
FAMILY: I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.
FUN: I enjoy movie nights with friends and family, reading, traveling and walking at the beach.
I empower learners to achieve their highest potential by:
Loving them, valuing them, and being available to listen as they share their thoughts and discover their passions.