Financial Assistance

Equal Opportunity Access

Students from all economic backgrounds may apply for financial assistance, discounts, and scholarships for which they may qualify.

Please note that the Financial Assistance process is separate from the Admissions/Enrollment process and in no way affects a candidate's chances for admission. When applying for financial assistance, it is important to consider the whole cost (including fees and other expenses). Typically, MVC financial aid awards have averaged between 5-20% of the total tuition cost (and are applicable only towards tuition).

Types of Financial Assistance

Each student and family who receives financial assistance is expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior. Additionally, students must maintain good academic standing at the end of each semester. Grants are subject to review on academic or behavioral grounds at the end of each semester.

MVCS respects the privacy rights of all individuals in the financial aid/scholarship process, including parents, students, and teachers. Information furnished as part of the financial aid/scholarship program is considered for use solely by MVC Administration and the Financial Aid/Scholarship Committee and will not be disclosed to anyone, including the applicant and his or her family.

In allocating the school's limited financial assistance resources, the Financial Aid/Scholarship Committee considers a number of criteria.

These include the following:
- Strength of a candidate's academic credentials
- Quality of extracurricular involvement
- Potential to make a meaningful contribution to the school
- Amount of need

Other incurred costs include:
- Enrollment fee
- Application fee (new students)
- Athletic fees
- Field trips
- Busing (optional)
- Textbooks and iPad apps
- iPad purchase