Residence Life


The Residence Life program is about creating a safe and caring environment, in which our students can reach their academic, social, and spiritual potential.

- MVC Administrator

Residence Life Vision Statement

Residence life will challenge students to live, study, and play within a community that provides support, supervision and independence. We partner with parents and guardians to help students thrive. They will develop skills which equip them to navigate their college experiences with confidence. Residence life teaches students how to build relationships with both adults and peers and how to identify the resources they need for success.

MVC Parent/Student Handbook

Resident Program Leadership Opportunities

Resident Assistants (RAs)-formerly known as Prefects
Selection of RAs:

  • Applicants must have already shown themselves to be: strong academic students, involved
    within the MVC community and committed to the values and specific behavioral guidelines of
  • The number of RAs will be determined based on the number of male and female students
    residing in Arganbright and Stotts-Hellmann Halls for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.
  • All aspiring students will be required to fill out a written RA application and be interviewed by
    the Executive Res-Life staff (i.e. Res-Life Director, Assistant Res-Life Director, Arganbright
    and Stotts-Hellmann Hall Directors)
    After careful and prayerful consideration of all resident students who apply for the position of RA, the
    Res-Life staff will choose a number of male and female Resident Assistants for the 2018-2019 school
    year no later than mid-May.
    Description of RA responsibilities:
  • Exhibit a servant-leadership attitude while assisting the Res-Life staff in the duties necessary to
    create a successful Res-life community environment.
  • Be prepared to return to MVC on August 3, 2018 in order to assist Res-Life staff with the
    welcoming and training of new residents, as well as welcoming returning resident students.
  • Serve as role models for the other resident students.
  • Assist the Res-Life staff in fostering an honest, respectful, responsible and compliant resident
    hall environment throughout the year.
  • Look for opportunities to show kindness within the Res-Life community.
  • Serve as liaisons between Res-Life staff and students.
  • Attend regular meetings to discuss policies and concerns within the residence halls.
  • Attend regular leadership training meetings with the Res-Life staff in order to grow in the area
    of leadership (as RAs and future leadership rolls).
  • Maintain a successful school record that exhibits strong effort and integrity in the areas of
    academics, behavior and extra-curricular activities at MVC.
    Compensation for RAs:
  • Preferred room selection (possibly single rooms).
  • Res-Life trips covered (with the exception of vacation weeks).
  • Regular Leadership Training (looks great on College Apps).
  • Community Service Opportunities and hours awarded (again, looks great on College Apps).
  • Monthly RA/Res-Life Staff dinners at various restaurants.

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Meet the MVC ResLife Staff

Darren Bartholowmew

Assist. Director of Reslife

Mirte Guzman

ResLife Staff

Kim Kelley

Director of Stotts/Hellmann Hall

Jim Mazerik

ResLife Staff

Colette Crawford


Emily Handloff

ResLife Staff

Caroline Kirchner

Director of ResLife

Jonny Go

ResLife Staff

Chuck Kelley

Director of Arganbright Hall

Frank Lopez

ResLife Staff

Isha Ton

ResLife Staff