Residence Life

The Residence Life program is about creating a safe and caring environment, in which our students can reach their academic, social, and spiritual potential.

- MVC Administrator

Residence Life Vision Statement

Residence life will challenge students to live, study, and play within a community that provides support, supervision and independence. We partner with parents and guardians to help students thrive. They will develop skills which equip them to navigate their college experiences with confidence. Residence life teaches students how to build relationships with both adults and peers and how to identify the resources they need for success.

MVC Residence Life Community Handbook

Resident Program Leadership Opportunities

The focus of the Prefect Student Leadership Program at Monte Vista Christian is servant leadership. Leaders learn to serve within the dorm and beyond.

The leadership training has three purposes. Prefects will:

  • discover the joy found in serving others
  • practice key leadership skills (planning, decision making, etc.)
  • represent dorm life within the broader school community


Prefects are student leaders selected to be role models, to support peers in need, and to provide a liaison between dorm staff and residents. Prefects and staff will meet regularly to discuss policies and concerns within the dorm.

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Meet the MVC ResLife Staff

Caroline Kirchner

Director of ResLife

Emily Handloff

ResLife Staff

Amy Lambdin

ResLife Staff

Philip Ye

ResLife Staff

Darren Bartholowmew

Assist. Director of Reslife

Chuck Kelley

Director of Arganbright Hall

Jennifer Legue

ResLife Staff

Colette Crawford


Kim Kelley

Director of Stotts/Hellmann Hall

Darin McGinnis

ResLife Staff