My four children are all different, but one thing I love about MVC is that there is an artistic opportunity for everyone. My son learned he loved ceramics. My daughter has developed her singing voice, and she also turned into a budding photographer. Our whole family enjoys the plays and concerts, and the quality of last year's art show was simply stunning.

- MVC Parent
What an exciting time to be at MVC! I am humbled and privileged to be serving as your Director of Fine Arts. As a young artist I was inspired. My parents, teachers, and directors poured into my life and encouraged me to pursue the God-given talents that were inside of me waiting to be chiseled, crafted, and utilized. Because of their investment in my life, my dreams became a reality. I am a living testimony of God’s faithfulness. He knew the desires of my heart, what would bring me joy, and brought people into my life to inspire me and foster creativity, so that I could flourish as an artist and one day have the opportunity to pass on the torch to the next generation...YOU.

This is my story, but each faculty member that makes up the dynamic Studio MVC creative team has their own story to tell. Our team is comprised of professional artists, musicians, directors, and leaders dedicated to providing first class, Christ-centered fine arts training and performance opportunities. If you are ready to take your craft to the next level, If you are ready to be a part of something extraordinary, if you are ready to shine...We are ready for you! Welcome to Studio MVC!

Morgan Matos
Director of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Classes

Digital Arts

Digital Video (intro to advanced), and Graphic Design (intro to advanced).

Instrumental Arts

Beginning Instruments, Mustang Band, Worship Band, and Orchestra.

Theatre Arts

Drama I to Advanced Drama, Improv, Plays, Musicals, and more.

Traditional Arts

Drawing & Painting (intro to advanced), Sculpture, Photography (intro to advanced), and Ceramics.

Vocal Arts

Choir, Intermediate Choir, Advanced Choir, Vocal Technique

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Students may show their art work in a campus show as well as participate in a county-wide high school student show at the Santa Cruz Art League. Art Club members may participate in campus projects as well as visit art shows at various museums. MVC choirs have performed in a host of venues, from local concert halls to the Vatican.

The theatre arts department has regular performances, from plays, to musicals, to student-directed one-acts (enrollment in intermediate or advanced drama is by audition only). The fall play and spring musical are open to all MVCS students. Rehearsals are held after school in the theatre lab.