Bridge Family Program 2021-2022

What is an MVC Bridge Family?

A Bridge Family is a family who has had a student enrolled at MVC for at least one full semester and wants to bless a new-to-MVC family by providing connection, community, and help as needed while they and their student(s) acclimate to our school.

What's the purpose?

The goal is to provide new families with an immediate support network during these unique times when the usual opportunities to make connections are not as readily available. We want every family at MVC to have somebody they can call for help with any need that pops up during these first few crucial months of the school year.

What's the commitment?

Bridge Families are simply asked to be in contact (via email, text, or phone call) with their partner family at least four times during the summer and first semester:
     ●   At least once during the summer (Thursday, June 10 - Friday, August 6)
     ●   During the first week of school (Wednesday, August 11 - Sunday, August 15)
     ●   After the first week/before Labor Day weekend (Monday, August 16 - Friday, September 3)
     ●   After Labor Day/before mid-October (Tuesday, September 7 - Wednesday, October 15)

Bridge Families will receive a check-in email from MVC at the end of each time period to confirm you've been able to connect and to see if there's anything we can do to better serve your partner family.


Contact MVC Admissions or 831-768-6191