MVC alumni are valued members of our school family, regardless of whether they graduated last May or are heading back to campus to for their 50-year reunion. Our goal is to stay in touch over the long haul - to celebrate marriages and births, to applaud professional and educational accomplishments, and to pay tribute to the vibrant heritage we share as Mustangs.

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Jordan De Los Santos ‘12

Current MVC Digital Art teacher Jordan De Los Santos ‘12 likes a challenge. “Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something, because that just means I’ll figure out a way to prove you wrong.” He can look back and see that mindset taking shape in his high school years, during which he would no sooner finish challenging courses than sign up for the next year’s even more difficult version. The challenges kept coming after that, and Jordan’s can-do attitude continued to serve him well. His MVC college preparation equipped him to blaze new ground for his family as a first-generation college student. Four years at Azusa Pacific University culminated in a Communications Studies degree in 2016. Read More...

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The following classes will be celebrating 5- and 10-year milestones:

2013 - 5-Year Reunion
2008 - 10-Year Reunion
2003 - 15-Year Reunion

1998 - 20-Year Reunion
1993 - 25-Year Reunion
1988 - 30-Year Reunion

1983 - 35-Year Reunion
1978 - 40-Year Reunion
1973 - 45-Year Reunion

1968 - 50-Year Reunion
1963 - 55-Year Reunion
1958 - 60-Year Reunion

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