Dear MVC Alumni,

Welcome to MVC's new quarterly newsletter! We have rejuvenated the historic MVC Messenger with the goal, in the months and years to come, of filling this space with stories - your stories, MVC's stories, and the shared narrative of how God is at work in and through us.


Nikki Daniels
Headmaster for Advancement


Homecoming 2018

Come On Back!
ALL alumni of all years are invited to come back for Homecoming 2018. Watch future Messenger newsletters for details about a Friday night all-alumni event and some Saturday opportunities as well!

Calling all MVC alumni, especially Classes of:
2013 - 5-Year Reunion
2008 - 10-Year Reunion
2003 - 15-Year Reunion
1998 - 20-Year Reunion
1993 - 25-Year Reunion
1988 - 30-Year Reunion
1983 - 35-Year Reunion
1978 - 40-Year Reunion
1973 - 45-Year Reunion
1968 - 50-Year Reunion
1963 - 55-Year Reunion
1958 - 60-Year Reunion

If you would like to participate in a class reunion for the years listed above, contact Nikki Daniels today for more information.

Outdoor Student Center

By day, a dynamic:

  • Classroom with flexible seating for collaboration or independent work
  • Outdoor cafe for teachers and students to share a meal or conversation
  • Chapel venue for God’s praise to sound beautifully across campus

By night, a well-equipped:

  • Playhouse for concerts or plays with ambient lighting and premium sound
  • Cinema for gathering as a community for fun family movie nights
  • Space for community celebrations

Each member of the MVC school family - current parents and alumni alike - is invited to give a gift to literally “set the stage” of our current amphitheater space to become the functional heart of our campus.

The size and scope of the project will be determined based on gifts received on or before January 30, 2018. Our hope is to have installation finished during spring in order to hold a dedicatory celebration during Commencement Weekend 2018.

Gifts of $1000 or more are eligible to be recognized within the Outdoor Student Center. Naming can be customized to be “in honor of” or “in memory of” a loved one.

Questions? Contact Nikki Daniels.

Getting and Staying Connected

We eagerly anticipate reaching each and every MVC graduate with the Messenger. Please forward this Messenger to any and all classmates that might not have received it and ask them to send their email address to That way, we can send them the next one!

Share With Our Students

Come Share Your Professional Expertise With Our Students!

MVC’s College and Career Exploration class is looking for alumni in various professions to come to campus to share about their work and educational background, as well as current workplace experience. If you are interested in helping out and could come to campus for 30-40 minutes in the 8:45-10:05 am window on a Friday this semester (January through May), please contact Guidance Counselor Scott Nystrom.

Alumni Story

And To Think It All Began…
Yukari (Yamada ‘07) Kurino’s Story

Growing up in Japan, the thought of studying abroad never really occurred to Yukari Yamada. In fact, it wasn’t until her older sister spent a few weeks in Australia during a winter break that it dawned on Yukari that she could also venture away from friends and family to experience another culture.

By the time Yukari’s “non-negotiable” was factored in – an affordable, year-long program at a private California school – Monte Vista Christian was her obvious choice. As she recalls it, she came “in spite of the Christian part.”

In the midst of her difficult first year – fraught with loneliness, language struggles, and low self-esteem – Yukari met ESL substitute teacher Tracy Brumme. The very first day they met, Yukari asked Tracy if she could live with her, and somewhat surprisingly, Tracy said she would pray about it.

Before she knew it, Yukari moved into the Brumme home and life began to change. The very first night at dinner, when her host brother T.J. prayed and thanked God for bringing Yukari into their home, it moved Yukari deeply. She recalls, “I had never met anyone like [the Brummes]. They cared so much about me and they didn’t even know me. Church attendance on Sundays was a given, but I didn’t mind because I loved just being with them.”

Over time the Brummes shared “God stories” and asked Yukari questions that she “kind of hated,” but that got her thinking… When Tracy shared her testimony of growing up in a Christian home yet feeling empty in her heart, Yukari knew exactly how she felt. As she heard Tracy share how faith in Christ had filled those holes, Yukari “slowly started to believe that Jesus was what I needed, too. And as I stepped out in faith, God met me literally each step of the way.”

When Yukari reflects on who she was when she arrived at Monte Vista and who she became, she recognizes that she was transformed. “I used to hate myself, especially how tall I was as a Japanese girl, and I used to constantly compare myself to others. In hindsight I see that I left Japan mainly because I thought maybe people in the US were taller and I would feel normal here, but God used my insecurity to draw me to Him, even before I knew He existed. I see His hand so clearly. Once I accepted Jesus, I was able to love myself through Him.”

Yukari lived with the Brummes throughout high school and graduated from Monte Vista in 2007. As she wrestled with whether to return to Japan or attend college in the States, God used the Scripture exhorting us to “love not the world” to show her that staying and growing closer to Him was far more important than the material reasons drawing her home. She went on to Pepperdine University to earn a degree in accounting and was recruited by a firm in Los Angeles where she went to work and eventually met her husband.

Today Yukari is a happily married mother to one-year-old Elisa and juggled naptime in order to reconnect with her alma mater and share her Monte Vista story.

We praise God that though a decade has passed since Yukari walked the MVC campus, our school community is still full of Yukaris and Brumme families… students being empowered to achieve their highest potential, and faithful servants being used by God to provide Christ-centered educational excellence that changes lives.

MVC Reflections

Dr. Mike Kirchner - MVC biology teacher from 2000-2006 who has now returned to that role as a “new” teacher this year - recently reached out to his former students with the following question:

Can you think of an example of a teacher from your time at MVC who said or did something that had a significant influence on your life?

The voices that follow represent a sampling of the responses he received… each a great reminder of the loving relationships and supportive community that characterize MVC - in the past as well as today.

I had a teacher that would get so enthusiastic about a subject that most would write off as boring. I am talking about the kind of enthusiasm that would make you laugh and wonder if they knew how silly they looked. Of course they did, but they loved their calling and gave it everything they had. This made me want to learn. I had teachers that challenged me to look at everything through God's eyes. To see that he cared about each aspect of who we were and pushed me to know Him and who He called me to be. This made me know that I was wanted. I had teachers that would labor over explaining a concept to me over and over again and push me to go beyond what I thought I could do. This made me know that I was capable. MVCS shaped the mother, wife and woman I am today.
~ Sarah (Van Gundy ‘03) Singleton

The most positive influence I received was from Coach Zo. He always made time to talk about God and be close with God/pray. I believe the biggest reason he had that influence on me was because of the positive relationship I was able to have with him from a personal standpoint. So when he did talk about God, it would make a bigger impact on me. It’s helped me in my life today with the struggles I have been faced with. I feel I have a very strong walk with God and I feel he had a big part in it. I did have an awesome Mom to lead me in the right direction at a very young age too. But to this day, I will still look to him for Godly advice. I believe it’s not about just talking about God that will influence students. It’s having a positive relationship with the students on a personal level.
~ Aaron Glaum ‘05